Its foundation

The Jobin Families Association of of America was founded on October 25th, 1998. Officially recognized by the government of Quebec, the General inspector of financial institutions issued the Letters of patent of the Association on September 14th, 1998 under reference number 1147990825. The Association is also a member of the Federation of Quebec Founder Families, an organization that groups almost all the family associations in Quebec.

Our objectives

  1. Group every person or member affiliated to the Jobin family which is interested in this family.
  2. Organize and hold conferences, gatherings and meetings for the promotion, development and popularization of the family history.
  3. Encourage every person to pass on to the Association any documents, photos, etc… to include them in the history of the great Jobin family.
  4. Organize annual gatherings to fraternize and share.
  5. Organize a grand gathering for all Jobins of America to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of our ancestor in New-France and his contribution to its development.
  6. Name a place, unveil a monument or a plaque in honour of our ancestor. (This project is underway and should be realized by 2010).
  7. Organize a trip to our ancestor’s country of origin. (This project was carried out in 2005).

Our mandate

  1. Maintain an active board of directors.
  2. Update our charter and its regulations.
  3. Recruit new members.
  4. Revise periodically the five-year plan.
  5. Publish and distribute the magazine Le Jobinfo to its members.
  6. Produce and manage the sale of promotional products.
  7. Issue certificates to its honorary members and honourable members.
  8. Hold an annual general assembly.
  9. Organize annual activities for all our members.
  10. Pursue the genealogical research on the ancestor and his descendants.
  11. Produce a genealogical dictionary of the Jobin family.
  12. Collect and archive all documents relating to the Jobin family.
  13. Self-finance all products and services.
  14. Administer the Web site.