Below is the list of the Jobin Association promotional products.



Metal pin of the Association Coat of Arms.

Made of epoxy, three-quarter of an inch in size, with a butterfly tie fixture, gold plated of high quality and high gloss. It perfectly reflects the colours of the Association coat of arms. Wearing it on any occasion shows our pride in being a member of our Association.




The bookmark branded with the colours of the Association coat of arms bears a short text about our ancestor’s origin.



Photos of the Association coat of arms. Reproduced with the exact colours of the Association coat of arms, are available in two sizes.


5,5 in. X 8,5 in. (14 cm X 21,5 cm).


8,5 in. X 11 in.(21,5 cm X 28 cm).



Cup of the association.

A cup on which the Coat of Arms of The Association of the Jobin families of America .



The Jobin song on compact disk.

One of the objectives of the Board of Directors was to have a song for the Jobin Family Association. Composed by Thérèse Jobin DuSablon under the musical direction of her son Sébastien, Thérèse is accompanied by the voices of Micheline Jobin, Valerie Tessier Jobin, Myriam Tessier and Marie Hélène Naud. The cover art is the work of Sylvain Jobin and his son Samuel. We hope, this song will rally the Jobins wherever they are.



The magazine Le Jobinfo. Editions published to date are available except the list below :

Vol. 6, No. 1 june 2004,

Vol. 10, No. 1 june 2008.

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